MEPCO Employees and the Covid-19

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MEPCO Employees and the Covid-19

MEPCO has ordered the administrative employees to follow the precautions to save from the covid-19. Chief Executive of the MEPCO Ikram-ul-Haq said praiseful words. Those words are “We altogether can control and stop that deadly disease”.

Multan Electric Power Company has issued the orders of wearing masks. These orders are for the employees of the MEPCO on duty. It also issued the orders of washing hands and using sanitizer. The employees cannot go outside unnecessarily. They cannot shake hands with each other. If employee has fever or flue, then they should stay home. The employee with the symbols of the covid-19 should get tested as soon as possible. Till they receive the report of the covid-19, they do not need to attend the MEPCO office. If any employee hides it’s the symbols of covid-19, then MEPCO will take action against that employee.

There should be hand sanitizer and temperature checking gun available at the entries of MEPCO offices. Clean water should be available in the offices. The cleaning rest rooms are also necessary. The staff needs to use disposable masks and gloves strictly. Offices need an antibacterial spray. So, these are the orders of the MEPCO to save their employees from covid-19. These orders have issued by Chief Executive of the MEPCO Ikram-ul-Haq. All the employees have to follow these orders strictly. For more details, visit the official website of MEPCO.

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