How Long Does an Electric Meter Run?

Power companies use electric meters to measure the amount of electric energy used in a household or business over a specified time period. MEPCO and other companies use electric meters for billing purposes and for measuring usage for electric utility companies and other entities that provide electric power. This article will discuss how long an electric meter will run before it needs a replacement.

What is a meter?

electric meter

An electric meter is a device that measures the amount of electricity consumed by the home or business. Electricians connect the meter to the power lines and then companies use it to measure the amount of electricity over a given time period. The device also sends a signal to the power company when consumers use electricity.

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How Long Does an Electric Meter Run?

An electric meter can run for decades. But it is possible when there is no disturbance and everything is alright. You know that the power companies install electric meters outside the building. So, there are many things that may affect the meter just like dust, weather, etc. These things affect the electric meters gradually in 10 to 20 years. Old meters become inaccurate. The power companies time to time check the meters. If they found that any meter is faulty, they replace it.

Who uses electric meters?

MEPCO and other companies use electric meters to measure the amount of electricity that consumers use in a place. The power companies are the ones who use electric meters to charge their customers for electricity. The electricians mount the electric meters on the outside of the building. They also attach it to the electrical panel.

How to replace your electric meter

In order to replace your electric meter, you will first need to shut off the power to the meter. You can do this by flipping the main switch or by turning off the circuit breaker. Once the power to the meter has been shut off, you will need to locate the meter. It is usually located on a wall nearby the meter socket. It should be easy to locate. If you cannot locate the meter, you will need to contact your electric company and ask them where the meter is located. Once you have located the meter, you will need to disconnect it from the old meter and connect it to the new meter. Once the meter has been connected, you will need to flip the power back on.

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